Highly motivated professional with more than 20 years of experience in Software Development and 8 managing software developer teams. Innovative, analytical and problem-solving individual with a proven record of building and coaching high-performance teams. Significant experience with agile methodology, Java, RESTful web services and Big Data. Organized, detail-oriented and positive team player with excellent communication and people skills, able to supervise the development of multiple products. Passionate about the design and implementation of highly scalable and available systems. Eager to learn new technologies and never afraid of saying "I do not know, but I will learn".

Delicious Recipes

And of course if you are looking for all the delicious recipes of my wife, please check her blog (I am her dear webmaster)

Family and Friends

If you are a members of my family and friends, you can reach me on FaceBook (But notice I do not login often, so I might take some time to answer your messages)

Code Repository

If you are looking for code feel free to check my GIT public Repositories. Mostly experimental sandboxes from courses I have taken.