Centro Torre Humboldt.
Local AC-05. Suite 131.
Prados del Este. 1080-2
Caracas, Venezuela

+58 (414) 328.4886



To create value for a leading company using Information Technology

Work Experience

May 2006 - Sep 2007 Farmatodo    Caracas, Venezuela
Webmaster Systems Vice-presidency

  • Design and implement web initiatives to support company business strategy
  • Managing Intranet and Internet projects
  • Identify opportunities to create value thought web technology
  • Coordinate relationships with external web technology suppliers and outsourcing firms
  • Supervise the design and development of a photo-print service Web site
  • Conceptualize new services and content sections for the company Web sites
  • Implement e-marketing strategy (SEO, Google analytics integration and web advertising)
  • Develop applications, plan infrastructure and deployment for Web sites
  • Adopt, communicate and staff mentoring new web concepts, best practices and technology

Jul 2001 - Feb 2004 Terra Networks Operations, US    Miami, FL
Development Lead (Oct 2001 - Feb 2004) Miami Operations Center

  • Supervise the development team (2 software engineers on Miami and 4 junior software engineers on Guatemala)
  • Technical Project Manager for implementing terra.com forums system, reducing hardware/software operative costs by 65%.
  • Conceptualize and implement a premium level for Virtual Disk Service, reducing storages costs on 30%.
  • Migrate content systems web servers from Netscape to Apache reducing licenses and support costs.
  • Design and develop premium content systems: "Protagonistas" fan club
  • Fully manage terra.com apache web servers (more than 3 millions pageviews per day). Including modules development: cooking looging, tracking images
  • Design and implement a high traffic survey/vote systems (more than 200K votes/day). Used on Telemundo reality shows: "Protagonistas", "Conquistador del Mundo", "Isla de la Tentación".
  • Collaborate for launching Terra Messenger service on terra.com
  • Design and supervise development SGUP Admin: a customer service tool (1 Junior Software Engineer, 5.000 lines of code)
  • Integrate services to Single Sing On system.
  • Technical project manager for developing a user registration and provisioning system. (more than 5 millions registered users, over 13 countries, 5 programmers, 50.000 lines of code). The project involved the integration with other Terra Lycos registrations systems: MAYA, TLPSI.
  • Implement a web based billing system for premium services on terra.com.
  • Design and supervise the develop of psychics live video-chat consultation (horoscopowalter.terra.com).
  • Elaborate basic guidelines for the development team and basic standards for development platform (Solaris packages, Control Version System)
  • Administrate Terra Lycos Latin American Development Platform (10 servers Solaris installation, Cluster Patch applications, NIS & NFS configuration, TCP wrappers configuration, SSH installation, CVS)

System Administrator (Jul 2001 - Oct 2001) Miami Operations Center

  • Technical Project Manager on content and forums system migration from New York to Miami Data Center with a zero user down time. (40 web server, 2 NFS, 1 Oracle)
  • System Administrator on a 200+ servers environment: Solaris, Cold Fusion, Netscape Enterprise Server, Iplanet Wireless Server Operation.
  • Collaborating to ensure high availability on virtual disk, instanterra and content systems.
  • Web Administrator for 2001 American Coup special (16 web sites for US, Latin America and Spain)

May 2000 - Jul 2001 Terra Networks Venezuela    Caracas, Venezuela
Web Developer

  • Implement Mail city spanish translation
  • Migrate "el-nacional.com" site from Venezuela to New York Data Center
  • Install and configure Virtual Disk, Instanterra, Forums and Calendar services on terra.com.ve.
  • Design and development a content managment system for terra.com.ve, el-nacional.com, jonron.com
  • Collaborate on Terra Content Systems consolidation for US Hispanic, Central America and Venezuela.
  • Install and configure forums, chat and user registration system on terra.com.co, terra.com.ve
  • Integrate Terra Colombia's Tarot service on Venezuela
  • Design and development and online books management tool (Jaime Bayly: "Los Amigos que Perdi")

May 1999 - May 2000 Datamax, CA    Caracas, Venezuela
Unix System specialist (part time consultant)

  • Solaris System installation
  • Implement an alarm system for FUNVISIS, Venezuelan seismological foundation
  • Apache web server configuration
  • Solaris and Windows NT network integration (Samba)

Jan 1996 - May 2000 Simon Bolivar University   Caracas, Venezuela
Unix Networks Administrator

  • Solaris, Digital UNIX, IRIX, Linux and Sun OS systems administration on a 100+ Work Stations, 5+Servers environment
  • DNS, NIS, NFS, SMTP, POP, IMAP, HTTP, Proxy servers and client installation and configuration
  • Mailing lists and filters management (majordomo, perl scripting, procmail)
  • Advance FS, UFS, Ext2FS Management (quotas, formatting, creating)
  • Matlab, Mathematic and Digital UNIX licenses management.
  • Open Source Software installation and configuration
  • Mentor junior systems administrator


Sep 2004 - Apr 2006 IESA Caracas, Venezuela

Master in Business Administration (May 2006)

  • Acredited by AACSB and Association of MBAs
  • Operations Concentration
  • Thesis: Web Server Simulation
  • Consulting Project: Strategic Marketing Plan for The Hotel launching
  • Consulting Project: Strategy and Structure for a Creative Agency H2O
  • Partial Academic Score: 4.88 / 5.00

Sep 1994 - May 2000 Simon Bolivar University Caracas, Venezuela

B.Sc Computer Engineering

  • Specialization: Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Programming Languages, Software Engineering
  • Academic Score: 4.22 / 5.00
  • Honorific Mention for undergraduate thesis. SANARE: A Summa Tool for Network Administration
  • Graduate Ranking: 9 of 153 students


Programming Languages: Perl (mod_perl, DBI, CPAN modules), Java (AWT, Swing, RMI, CORBA, Applets, Servlets, JDBC), JavaScript, C (RPC), Pascal, Python, Cobol

Internet: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Cold Fusion, XML, WML, PSP, JSP, ASP, VB Script

UNIX System Administration: DNS, NIS, NFS, Software Installation (including GNU), Backups, shell scripting, account management, SMTP servers: sendmail, exim, POP, Imap, majordomo

Software Engineer: UML, Design Patterns, Unified Software Development Process, RPM Methodology

Web Server: Apache, Netscape Enterprise, Iplanet Wireless Server, Microsoft IIS

Code Versions Systems: CVS, Peforce

Security Tools: tripwire, ssh, pgp, satan

Operating Systems: Solaris (10, 9, 8, 7, 2.6, 2.5.1, 2.4), Sun OS (4.1.3), Linux (Red Hat: 9, 8, 6.x, 5.x, 4.x, Mandrake: 9.1, 8, 7 Suse: 6.x), Digital UNIX (4.0D,4.0B, 4.0A), Irix, Windows XP/2000/9X

Data Bases: Oracle (10, 9i, 8i, 7), Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL


  • Strategic Planning for Information Technology and Systems. IESA. Jan 2006
  • Analysis of Financial Statements. Sun Learning Center. ACM PD Program. Aug 2004
  • Six Sigma. Terra Lycos. Miami - 2002.
  • High Performance Teams. KPMG Consultores. Miami - 2002
  • Leadership. KPMG Consultores. Miami. 2002
  • Sun System Fault Analysis. Softrain. Caracas, Venezuela. Sep, 1999
  • Computer Maintenance. San Rafael Commerce Institute. Barinas, Venezuela. May, 1994
  • Macro Assembler. Carabobo's University Foundation, Technological Nucleus. Barinas, Venezuela. Sep, 1993
  • Systems Programming and Design. San Rafael Commerce Institute. Barinas, Venezuela. Oct, 1992 - Oct, 1993
  • Cobol Programmer. TICCA. Barinas, Venezuela. Aug, 1992
  • Basic Programmer. TICCA. Barinas, Venezuela. Feb, 1992
  • Computer Operator. TICCA. Barinas, Venezuela. Sep, 1991


Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0 (SCJP). 2007.
Sun Certified Network Administrator for Solaris 10 (SCNA). 2006.
Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris 8 (SCSA). 2004.


  • IEEE Computer Society. 2003
  • ACM Professional Member. 2003
  • Spanish GNU Translator Team. 1999
  • Venezuelan Linux User Group (VELUG). 1999

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